Military Background

Military Background

    I Graduated the united States Marine corps recruit depot on Paris Island in 2006. From there I went on to the School of infantry at Camp Geiger and Security Force training in Chesapeake VA. This covered a Variety of training including Marksmanship training, CQB Training and so on. We have trained for and have been deployed to a variety of environments Such as Large warehouses, shipyards, Large naval vessel and of course Gorilla and desert Warfare. I wanted to Become a police officer which was the only reason why I Chose to not Re-enlist. I found the Civilian world difficult to adjust to as well as other complications. I
Began doing security work in 2011 and Found it much easier adjustment and a similar environment and role in which I experienced in the military. It Was comfortable for me as I was confident in my Abilities and training.  

    I found that high positions in certain retail company's were Paying really well and I focused on my education where I got my Bachelor's degree in Criminal justice. I became very talented in management positions and loved the payrate, so I focused on my career in this field. I always did security or executive protection on the side because enjoyed it. 

  I also began additional training with the NRA and learning more about them and what they stand for. I'm Currently an NRA certified pistol instructor and am attending the NRA coach Development Class this winter as well as the Law enforcement Class. I also did bail bonds on the side to be able to go out and catch people that were wanted or had warrants to help keep my community safe.  

   Unfortunately, that wonderful acronym that haunts most veterans Snuck up on me. I took the time to take care of myself and I saw how Big business truly see an treat veterans. I devoted myself entirely to my company and the first time I found myself Needing help they have come up with so many excuses to get rid of me on FMLA and this has happened 2 times to me in 12 years. 

  My goal is to become more involved in helping other veterans however I can. I hope to open a security company and be able to train and hire veterans myself and help them in other areas as well. 

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