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Online Florida 42-hour Class D licensing Course
Online Florida 42- hour Class D licensing Course
Veteran Sponsor donation
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Sponsor a Veteran is A program that assists veterans Pay for training, Licensing fees and Job placement. If you donate you will see your name and a picture of the veteran you Sponsored on our Page. 

CCW course
Concealed Weapons Training

  This Price does not Include Gun rental or ammunition. Greater discounts offered to groups. 

This is a 4 hour class and requires a course of live fire on the range. I will identify shooters capabilities, knowledge and skills to determine if further instruction is required so we do not have to waste ammunition. 

 Those who need more in-depth training I would recommend attending the Basic Pistol safety course, but I will do my best to focus on the areas where instruction is needed. 

Basic Pistol Course
Basic Pistol safety course

  This is a more thorough and in-depth understanding of your Pistol, How to aim, breath and safely use your pistol. this course consists 8 hour sessions over two days. 

   Pistol rental and ammunition not provide. we will shoot a minimum of 150 rounds each. 

NRA Membership
NRA Membership

I have Started recruiting for the NRA not too long ago and am ready to sign up new members.

Those of you who don't know the NRA is the "National Rifle Association." This organization is provides so much Online and in person Gun training. Some of the courses are actually free and very Educational. whish is the main purpose of the NRA is Gun safety education and Are Great advocates of our Second amendment rights. These Fees go directly to the NRA If it is the Basic $10 dollar membership and I don't Earn anything off of that. Honestly, its more important that we have many new members join the NRA than me making an extra few dollars. The $45 dollar member ship gets you all the access to the NRA training courses, a pretty cool gift and I get a little more money to put towards the Blue falcon Guardian program.

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