Sponsor A Veteran

Sponsor A Veteran

Sponsor A Veteran

   Sponser a Vet is a program I have Wanted to do Since I first Thought Of opening a Security School. 

 I Always had the intentions of Providing Discounts to veterans and Also being Finactially Strong even to train and license Veterans for Free.

  I am Going to try this Program out to see if it is successful.

       What I hope this Program Will Achieve is to recieve A donation to Sponsor a Veteran. Each donation of $150 Will get one Veteran Trained and pays for the materials and Licensing Fees. This Doesnt Add to the companys profits at all. All funds will be posted and accounted for. each Donor can request invoices on funds and What they were used for with actual reciepts.

  Also, We will post a picture of the Veteran Holding thier certificate With a "special thank you" to the Company or person that Donates. 

Help me Change lives!!!



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